ENTREVISTA – Carl Murray

ENTREVISTA – Carl Murray

Name: Carl Murray
Nick Name: Muzza
Birthday: 27th March 1985

Carl, first of all, where are you now and what are you doing?
A:  Douglas on the Isle of Man.  I’m a CEO/Director of Rugby/Player/Coach, a busy job.  I’m doing allot of work in rugby development, which can be very difficult on a small island.  We play in the UK competition, so every away game requires a flight and bus trip.  I was studying a Business Degree part time while playing for CDUL, which has set me up now for the business side of running a club & Business.

How many seasons did you play for CDUL?
A: 8 years

In New Zealand rugby is the main sport as everyone knows, but as a kid did you even got a chance to choose another sport? 
A: I played allot of tennis growing, Physical education was a big part of school, so I played a bit of everything.  One sport I would have liked to get a bit more involved in would’ve been football (as I have two left feet, always wanted to kick off both).  Football was seen as the soft kids sport when I was growing up.

How does a guy from Waipu, New Zealand, end up in Portugal to play rugby?
A: Allot of players from New Zealand came to Portugal after the 2007 World Cup, it was recommended to me when looking for an overseas experience.

You started your journey in Portugal playing for Técnico. What made you join CDUL?
A:  I’m a bad loser, I compete to win in everything which can be my down fall on a night out.  I met with players and coaches from CDUL and realized the competitive nature of the club and the hunger to win.  I shared the same values of the club and needed to be a part of it.

In terms of rugby culture how far is Portugal from NZ and what could be done to shorten that gap?
A: Its completely different, it must be shaped around the Portuguese culture and lifestyle.  There’s no point in a Kiwi saying it needs to be more like New Zealand, because it’s totally different.  The passion & dedication is massive in Portugal, but when it comes to putting together a competitive structure, its important this is shaped around the Portuguese lifestyle.  To many times top players couldn’t be involved due to clashes with jobs.  One thing CDUL did well in my earlier seasons was the occasional early morning training with breakfast.  Train hard together play hard together, soon as players struggle to make it you lose the team competitiveness.  I had my better years playing when things were very simple and we focused on the basic skills and fitness, if things are simple Portuguese  have the passionate and dedication to make it work.

What most impressed you about the country? And the rugby?
A: Very passionate country, leisure time is a big part of the Portuguese lifestyle.  Going out for meals, and spending time with teammates and mates.
Being involved with passionate competitive players was a big part of always pushing myself to the limit, pushing through injury and being the fittest I could be.  CDUL & the National team had competitive individuals pushing in everything they did, this was the biggest thing that impressed me most.  The competitiveness and Passion of individuals. I felt this was lost over the years & something that needs to be brought back, Competitiveness and the disappointment of loss.

How many caps do you have for the Portuguese national team (XV and VII)? If you had to choose only one category which one would you choose?
A: Over 30 for both, would’ve like to have more but due to club commitments and injury, that was restricted.  7s for sure, but I have many of amazing 15s memories.   Reason being the aspects of fitness and hard work, 7s is a sport for athletes, where you need to train to the highest level or else you get found out.

What did you feel when you listened to the Portuguese National Anthem in your first cap?
A: I had Antonio Aguilar singing the wrong words in my ear, after I spent weeks of getting it right.  The National Anthem was something that grew on me and meant more and more every game I played.  Portuguese are more passionate than most countries when it comes to National Anthem, I started to feel that.

What was your greatest joy as a CDUL player?
A: Winning the Taca Iberica

Which was the toughest opponent you had to play against with (individually and collectively)?
A: Would have to say Direito as our rivalry over my career was the biggest, but I enjoyed these games the most.  Individually I enjoyed the competitive nature we had at CDUL, for example always competing with Monkey to push ourselves to be better athletes whether it be on the pitch or in the gym.

And which opponent did you most like to play against?
A: Direito

If you could go back in time and chose only one position to do your whole career, what would it be?
A:  12

Could we expect your return someday?
A:  I’ll Never say never, I’m regularly back with my son Tyler who is now playing for CDUL at junior level.

How would you characterise the Portuguese rugby player in 3 words?
A: Passionate, Fit, Friends

As a foreign, what do you think it is important for the Portuguese rugby to evolve?
A: Embed the competitiveness in every player, to never give up, and to put in the extra work, embed it in the lifestyle.

Short ones:
Sports (other than Rugby)? Football, Swimming, Squash, tennis, Mountain Biking
Favorite dish? Salada do Polvo
What’s the best type of cheese? Camembert
Lisbon or Wellington? Wellington
Sagres or Super Bock? Sagres
Hobby? Further Study
Hobbit? Bilbo
Movie? Remember the Titians
Favorite restaurant in Lisbon? Cantinho Do Alfredo

Grandes questões do mundo contemporâneo:
Pineapple on pizza is acceptable?
A: Yes

If 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the doors?
A: For Feb 29th on a leap year

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